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Frame & Size

Find inspiration for your home interior among My gallery walls! Check out the Inspiration rooms to get ideas on how to use my pictures and prints in different combinations together with other colours, interior styles and materials. Explore the different rooms and designs – and find that’s perfect for you!

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With the new Fuji Crystal Professional Archive Maxima photo paper, the volume of the colour space has been increased an additional 21%. Darker and very saturated colours in particular are more brilliant and depicted with more detail. This means even extreme lighting conditions can be faithfully reproduced in the Acrylic ultraHD Photo Print from WhiteWall. Through the increased dynamic range and increased maximum density, your Acrylic ultraHD Photo Prints appear more vivid and rich in contrast than conventional photo prints. Even the modern LED lights often found in galleries and museums cannot do these ultraHD prints harm – improved resistance to light guarantees the true colours last and last.

Additionally, the lab conditions for our new process remain so constant as to almost entirely preclude any deviations upon repeat orders.

  • Even higher contrast through deeper black tones

  • Massive luminosity and light-resistance

  • Increased dynamic range for precise light gradation

  • Consistent production conditions optimize the uniformity of repeat production


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